In Canada there is huge demands for the caregivers, salary of care giver in Canada is 25,350 CAD per year or 13 CAD per hour. An Entry level positions start at 21,450 CAD per year while most experienced caregivers workers make up to 34,125 CAD per year.

Recent Canada Government announces that caregiver will have access to two new immigration pilot programs for an five year that replace the old ineffective and expired immigration programs. The new pilot programs will encourage then caregivers to come to Canada and also give the path to settle in it as a permanent resident.

As on 23rd February 2019 Ahmed Hussen Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship disclosed that caregivers will able to settle smoothly in the Canada. Caregivers in future cannot able to face issues like finding jobs allowing family members settle in the Canada.

In this new pilot programs caregivers applicants are been assessed for permanent residence before they start working. As caregiver attain their work permit and also pursue work experience more than 2 years, then they are open to direct get the permanent resident status.


This new programs will overcomes with caring of children and people with high medical attention and also includes as given below:-

• Work permits to caregivers with occupation specific, with made free them to switch the jobs as they needed without any bound or limitations

• it also gives the open work permit for the partners which accompany with then, and also the study permit for the dependent child with them.

The minister Ahmed Hussen also launched the interim pathway for all the caregivers from 4th March 2019 to 4th June 2019.

This interim program is been put into the force after listing directly from the current caregivers and interested political parties to over come the changes made in year 2014. From this many caregivers whose already started working for various family under the Canada they are not qualified for permanent residence in the existing programs.

The canadian Goverment bind to provide the family a reunification by eliminating various bariers from all the existing immigration programs. In 2017, goverment promise to reduce the problems and the processing time for the caregivers. They have reduced the processing time from 60 months to 12 months which is now 94% less then the previous one.

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